2,000 years ago, women used to wear make-up

Make-up History 2000 year ago

In the markets, the same things that are used by humans are brought for sale. According to foreign media, archaeologists have discovered a 2,000-year-old make-up shop in Turkey. According to reports, experts discovered Among the artefacts gone are perfume containers, eye shadows and blush used for make-up.

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According to a British media report, this remarkable discovery was made in the ancient city of Ezonoi, which was an important political and economic center during the Roman period and is now part of modern-day western Turkey. According to the report, this city was once a political center during the Roman period. and was known as an important center of economic activity. According to British media reports, these cosmetics are believed to have been used by Roman women 2,000 years ago. The archaeological team also discovered a shop inside the city. Findings suggest that jewelry and cosmetic products were sold here. According to the report, archaeologists also found these items as well as various beads for necklaces and hair.