How to remove 7 stains on clothes

How to remove stains from clothes

The poet created a beautiful song on just one chinri stain, in which classical singing and music bans made it popular. Apart from that, we are fed with different types of stains day by day. Clothes are new or old. , if they get stains, they don’t look good. This problem is common especially in houses with small children.

Below we are telling you how to clean some of these stubborn stains.

Oil or grease stains

Wet lime and white chalk powder to make a thick paste by weight. Apply it thickly on the stain with a brush and wash it off after drying or add talcum powder, flour or flour and leave it on the cloth for a while.

After a while, put another cloth or butter paper on the same stain and iron it. Avoid ironing directly on the stain or it will cook the stain.

Tea stains

Applying salt on the tea stain and washing it immediately is correct, but wait for the salt to absorb.

Pen ink stains

To remove pan stains, spray it with hairspray and then wash it off.

Henna stains

Make a paste of betel leaf lime and apply it on the henna stain and when it dries, rub it with a brush and wash it off. If the color of the cloth does not change, mix a little water with lemon and vinegar and apply it on the stain and keep the cloth in the hot sun. The stain will disappear.

Paan stains(Betel leaf)

Buying dye from the grocery store and washing the stained area with it can remove the dye, but a small amount is better and great care is needed.

Remove stains from clothes

If lemon juice is added, the stain will lighten. If there is a fabric that is of great importance to you, then apply it with the help of a chicken or pigeon bait brush and wash it immediately after washing.

Cosmetics stains

Such stains can be cleaned with glycerin. Lipstick stains can be cleaned with toothpaste.

Color stains

Dip the dyed part in curd buttermilk. After some time wash it or it can be cleaned with oxalic acid.