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karachi haleem

Haleem is a hearty stew composed of wheat, barley, meat (typically beef or mutton), and a medley of spices. The ingredients undergo a slow-cooking process, resulting in a dense, porridge-like texture.

Karachi Haleem , Beef Haleem, Chicken Haleem

This beloved dish extends its popularity beyond Pakistan, finding appreciation in countries like India, Iran, and the Middle East. Nevertheless, Karachi’s rendition of Haleem stands out for its distinctive flavor and meticulous preparation, earning it a coveted status among the city’s culinary offerings.

Karachi Haleem Menu

Haleem Menu & Price

Chicken Haleem
Rs 190
Rs 380
Beef Haleem

Rs 190
Rs 380

Biryani Menu

Chicken BiryaniRs 300
Beef BiryaniRs 380
Tikka BiryaniRs 550
Saadi BiryaniRs 220
PulaoRs 300

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