Are Plastic Lunch Boxes Good or Bad for Kids?

Plastic lunch boxes are harmful or beneficial for children

The use of plastic lunch boxes in children going to school can prove detrimental to their health. Many mothers give their children food packed in plastic lunch boxes, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap (commonly used for wrapping parathas) for school.

“Experts suggest that plastic and aluminum can impact the hormones in children and deprive the body of essential minerals, so it is advisable to avoid their use. They advocate for the use of stainless steel lunch boxes as an alternative to plastic and aluminum.”

Plastic lunch boxes are harmful

Experts emphasize that it is crucial for us to know that plastic, when in contact with any hot food item, can release harmful chemicals. Conversely, the use of lunch boxes that are free from plastic and, especially, those made of stainless steel, positively impacts a child’s health.

Similarly, the use of plastic bottles has been discouraged, and instead, the recommendation is to use copper or stainless steel bottles.