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Blimpie, Menu, America's Sub Shop

 Blimpie America’s Sub Shop is a fast-food chain specializing in sub sandwiches, offering a menu similar to other sub restaurants. Alongside subs, they provide limited options like salads and wraps, known for their soft and fresh bread.

Blimpie, Menu, America's Sub Shop burger subs

Founded in 1964 in Hoboken, New Jersey, by high school classmates, Blimpie now boasts over 600 locations, primarily situated in malls, gas station food marts, offices, and hospitals, distinguishing it from its competitors.

Blimpie Menu With Prices

deli subs menu

Blimpie, Menu, America's Sub Shop Sub
Regular Blimpie Best Sub$7.99
Regular Turkey and Provolone Sub$7.99
Large Club Sub$10.99
Regular Club Sub$7.99
Regular Tuna Sub$7.99
Large Hoboken Hero Sub$11.99
Large Tuna Sub Combo$11.99
Large Tuna Sub$10.99
Regular Hoboken Hero Sub$7.99
Honey turkey and cheese regular sub$9.99
Honey turkey and cheese large sub$14.99
Large Blimpie Best Sub Combo$11.99
Large Blimpie Best Sub$10.99
Large The Blimp Sub$11.99
Regular Ham and Swiss Sub$7.99
Large Turkey and Provolone Sub Combo$11.99
Large Club Sub Combo$11.99
Large Ham and Swiss Sub Combo$11.99
Large The Blimp Sub Combo$13.99
Regular The Blimp Sub$7.99
Large Ham and Swiss Sub$10.99

hot subs menu

Blimpie, Menu, America's Sub Shop Hot subs
BLTA$ 7.55
Turkey Bacon Cheddar$11.99
Philly Cheesesteak$11.99
Sicilian$ 8.03
Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch$ 8.15
Ultimate Club$ 8.39
Buffalo Chicken$ 8.15
Meatball Parmigiana$10.99

Kids Meals Menu 

Ham & Cheese$ 6.59
Turkey & Cheese$ 6.59

Signature Smoothies Menu

Strawberry Banana$ 4.55
Peach Mango$ 4.55
Pineapple Coconut Orange$ 4.55
Triple Berry$ 4.55

Pumped Up Smoothies Menu 

Stripper Squeeze$ 5.15
Bee Stinger$ 5.15
Power Pump$ 5.15
Super Squeeze$ 5.15

Iced Chillers Menu 

Mango Pineapple$ 1.20
Pineapple Strawberry Spinach$ 1.20
Peach Mango$ 1.20
Strawberry Pineapple$ 1.20
Strawberry Mango$ 1.20

Blimpie Hours

Monday to Friday6 am to 11 pm
Saturday – Sunday8 am to 10 pm
 Happy Hours4 pm to 6 pm (Mon-Sun)

Blimpie Contact Information

  •  Corporate Office Address : 9311 East Via De Ventura, Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258, United States.
  •  Corporate Office Contact Number : (480) 362-4800